Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chutney Ties the Meal Together

Hello condiment people!

Yesterday was one of those "let's buy a roasted chicken for dinner" days. But I can never leave it at that. To me, roasted chicken always begs for a little chutney on the side -- something with a sweet/tangy kick and a slightly chunky texture to savor with each bite. Add your favorite rice (I favor  basic wild rice, Lundberg Wild Blend, or a brown or white jasmine) and roasted vegetables, and you've got a standard comfort menu with minimal effort.

I've eaten all the homemade chutneys friends have so kindly shared over the past year, and I didn't make any of my own this summer, so I'm a loser in that realm. But, here's a store-bought find I have to share. Just purchased on a whim when I bought the chicken, this may be one of my favorite  chutneys ever. Stonewall Kitchen's Old Farmhouse Chutney absolutely, positively deserves its "Outstanding Savory Condiment Winner" emblem (missing in this photo) from The Specialty Food Show. 

Just as the "Dude's" rug "tied the room together" in the Big Lebowski, the Old Farmhouse tied this meal together in its own exquisite little way. Based on apples, it also includes cranberries, peaches, and apricots. Cider and balsamic vinegar? Yes -- both. Then there are the ample mustard seeds, roasted garlic and ginger root, a little curry, a little chili pepper... all in all the blend of flavors might be likened to a modern apple-based mince pie filling that's gone around the globe and been tarted up.

I found the chutney at the downtown Salt Lake City Harmon's, but it is widely available in supermarkets, or online of course.

(P.S. no one I write about on this blog sponsors or pays me. If I tout a brand name it's because it's a personal favorite -- that's all.)


  1. I just tweeted this one V. Sounds good!

  2. I really like your blog, and I agree that condiments make the meal! All the recipes look so delicious, I'm going to have to try one soon. Keep doing what your doing! I have a cooking blog too. It's not nearly as good as your blog, maybe you could check it out at